Residential space planning

Space planning is about the organisation of interior space to provide clients with the most efficient and commercially valuable use of a building’s layout. We understand how space should be used and develop spatial arrangements that go beyond the schedule of accommodation to achieve an imaginative and efficient configuration.

Our skills and experience
We have over twenty years of space planning experience with a range of clients including Native Land, Hammerson and Derwent. We work at all scales of development from larger residential developments and apartment buildings to one off houses. Our focus is on the relationship and interactivity between people and their living or working environments. Our aim is to provide solutions that are both efficient and stimulating and at the same time maintaining compliance with an increasing number of design standards and regulations.

Space planning services
Strategic and detailed review of design including layout and appearance
Analysis of common areas including access and circulation arrangements
Assessment of statutory requirements and compliance matters
3D studies of spatial arrangements and conceptual massing studies
Alternative options appraisal
Specialist marketing and presentation material
Architectural imagery, including 3D models and photorealistic CGIs