Issues of sustainable design are addressed through activities such as regular CPD sessions that are tailored towards specific aspects of environmentally friendly design. Buildings are one of the biggest contributors to green house gas emissions and as design professionals we are in a position to be able to instigate low energy strategies from the outset.

We advise our clients to appoint appropriate consultants at the earliest opportunity and assist in the EcoHomes or Code for Sustainable Homes assessments as appropriate. In addition our preliminary design proposals are considered in light of the following factors:

    Potential to minimise waste in all aspect of design
    Passive design principles, orientation and compact design layouts
    Potential over-shading, solar gains and over heating issues
    Insulation of walls, floors and roofs to 'best practice' specifications
    Use of dense materials to absorb solar gains and even out temperature swings
    Minimise the need for comfort cooling and air conditioning
    Solar shading and other solar control measures
    Energy efficient heating systems and renewable energy sources
    Air-tightness coupled with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems
    Potential to use locally sourced and recycled materials
    Potential to exceed minimum legislative standards for sustainability