Quality Assurance

MSMR is an RIBA Chartered Practice and as such adheres strictly to the accreditation criteria of this scheme. This requires us to provide and maintain the following:

    Appropriate professional indemnity insurance
    Appropriate quality management systems
    A company health and safety policy
    An employment policy addressing the principles of the RIBA policy statement
    A continuing professional development programme for all staff
    An environmental management policy

Our quality assurance procedures are based on a comprehensive system of in-house policies and procedures together with a complete suite of bespoke standard documentation templates, all of which are described in detail in our office manual. Our aim is to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with the practice, whether clients, staff, consultants, suppliers, job applicants and others, are confident in our ability to service their needs in well organised, focused and constructive manner.

MSMR maintain membership of the professional organisations listed below;